Mangala Nidhi

What is Mangala Nidhi?

Are you celebrating a family event of your loved one (s) – Come share your celebration with Sewa’s Mangala Nidhi.

“Mangala Nidhi” translates to “auspicious welfare” in Sanskrit.

As part of our Bharatiya culture, 10% of our monthly income would go to the welfare of the society, which was followed right from the time of our Maharajas. As time advanced and in our busy life schedule slowly this has been faded away. But many generous souls are still donating a part of their savings for the benefit of the underprivileged and community.

In this regard, Sewa International is relaunching the “Mangala Nidhi” Program throughout Australia.

It is a meaningful way of sharing our life’s joyous and auspicious moments with society. While also being a practical medium to channel our personal and family happiness towards community and social responsibility by financially contributing to the welfare of our society.

We invite you to participate in “Mangala Nidhi” – donate money during family functions such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, house warming ceremonies, special pooja in family, anniversaries, farewell parties, retirement parties and bereavements and many other occasions where you would like to donate. These special moments in life are thereby blessed by supporting the needy around us. This is a great way to uplift our souls with a sense of satisfaction and realise the very purpose of our existence.

All money donated towards “Mangala Nidhi” will be empowering Underprivileged Children and Women Empowerment in under developed countries. For more information, contact our volunteers today!

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Donations above $2 are tax-deductible

Best way to make a difference in the lives of other.

School Kit

Sewa International Australia’s School Kit includes a year’s supply of Stationary to included as part of their School Bag.

Maithreyee Gurukulam

The goal of Maithreyee Gurukulam is to introduce the system of education based on the Rishi Culture.

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Fundraising for the people and causes you care about

Support our work at SEWA International Australia by making a donation today. Your help will make a real lasting difference to people in need.

Mission Statement

Serve Humanity in Distress

Through our chapters, we aspire to perform Sewa with Tan-Man-Dhana (Body, Mind and Material resources).

Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation Activities

We provide disaster relief and rehabilitation support to victims of natural disaster in developing countries

Supporting Development Projects Internationally

We support sustainable development & welfare activities in developing countries by:

  1. Enabling and empowering local communities to become self-reliant
  2. Improving long term human capital and build local capacity through training, literacy and education programs
  3. Provide aid in kind, to underprivileged children for their educational, physical and intellectual welfare development.
  4. Provide medical relief/services to underprivileged communities