COVID-19 Relief Operation

COVID-19 Relief Operation In India

Sewa International Australia is grateful to the Western Australian government grant to entrust various organizations through their grant support for India during the second wave of COVID-19. We would like to thank our supporting organizations, without which we could not have made such a difference to our families in India. We would like to especially thank ISWA for their meaningful association over the years. We would also like to thank organizations like AIMA, TAWA, Hindi Samaj Western Australia for their trust.  

Sewa International appealed to all its supporters worldwide to come forward and help provide services to the most vulnerable of the population who have no means to fight the global pandemic, COVID-19. Marginalized communities, especially engaged in the informal economy, all across India are most vulnerable now, feeling the brunt of lockdown leading to lost wages/jobs, eviction from rented homes, no money to buy essentials, lack of medical assistance, all pointing to a grim future for them.

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What did we fund?

 Sewa Australia International INC (SIA) raised funds under its own drive as well as along with the partner organizations who approached SIA in this drive, separately.

  • SIA, Overseas Medical Graduates Association of Victoria INC (OMGA) and Friends of India Network-Ballarat (FOIN) raised funds and procured US manufactured 500 concentrators through the counterpart Sewa International USA and these are being shipped to India.
  • Additionally, SIA also remitted $ 50,000 out of funds raised under its own drive, towards food and consumables for the community, through Sewa International Bharat.
  • SIA raised funds in partnership with the Australian Indian Medical Association (AIMA WA) which were used towards procuring 20 Ventilators and Accessories and are in the process of being air shipped to India.
  • With the funds raised by Armed Forces Medical College Alumni & ex Indian Defence Personnel (Australia), SIA could procure additional 20 ventilators, 5 concentrators and 7 monitors which are being air shipped to India.
Current Relief Efforts being done to serve the covid-19 affected patients (second wave) in India
  1. The second wave of COVID-19 has hit India hard. It has impeded India’s social and economic recovery following the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. In the last 30 days, India saw a 6-fold increase in daily cases and registered the highest single day spike in covid cases in the week of April. With 3 million active cases, the impact of the pandemic can be witnessed across the country. During this pandemic, the worst affected social group is the urban poor and slum dwellers.
  3. Sewa International has built upon its 2020 COVID-19 relief efforts by augmenting its activities. Accordingly, Sewa International decided to work on a T-model intervention for the pandemic:
  4. Breadth: Awareness, Essentials, and Digital Helpdesk
  5. Depth: Oxygen, and Vaccination
  6. The breadth involves interventions that provide quick relief, and immediately impactful in saving lives and livelihoods. The depth ensures systematic strengthening, long-term sustainability while also providing an immediate layer of protection
Covid Support – Bharat, Current Actions and Plans for 2021-22
  1. Set-up of Covid Care Centers -For Mild-Moderate cases
  2. Oxygenation Support –Distribution of Concentrators, Ventilators, BiPAP, CPAP
  3. Hospital infrastructure ramp-up to support critical needs – ICU Set-up and Equipment
  4. Essential Kits – Groceries, Sanitary and hygiene needs, Medicines – for low-income families and shelter homes
    (senior citizens, destitute/orphaned children, specially-abled etc..)
  5. Support for families who lost their breadwinners to Covid-19 –Children’s Education, Job Skills and Livelihood Training

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The goal of Maithreyee Gurukulam is to introduce the system of education based on the Rishi Culture.