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Sewa International Australia (Sewa) intends to be a premier humanitarian non-profit, volunteer service organisation inspired by the ethos of – Serving humanity is the highest of our duties.

Mission of Sewa is to serve humanity in distress, aid local communities, and promote volunteerism.

Sewa is globally represented in more than 20 countries worldwide and supports communities locally and outside their respective nations. Sewa globally are well connected to support each other for improving the quality of administration, service and efficiency. Sewa also conducts global seminars frequently for sharing and learning. Sewa strongly promotes youth (Up to the age of 40 years) to embrace volunteerism in Sewa through our Internship program under Youth For Sewa (YFS).

Sewa International in Australia believes the universe is one big home and all human beings are one big family living together. Our Sewa is making our families happier and live positively every day, and hence we wish to see no one have to go through any miseries in life. Our volunteers are local heroes as they sacrifice their time and resources to benefit others with no expectations in return, which is the true meaning of Sewa.

We fund programs that provide developmental projects of underprivileged children and women’s projects directly, so no middlemen are involved, keeping the overheads to a bare minimum. Sewa also provides immediate relief and rehabilitation during all-natural calamities, focusing more on the distressed communities’ rehabilitation. Sewa ultimately helps rebuild devastated communities by funding education and healthcare-related projects, amongst others, as they remain the primary challenges to meeting the millennium development goals.

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Help is our main goal !!

Sewa means – “Selfless service to all with no expectations”. We are operating in Australia and aiding help to disaster locations outside Australia. Sewa promotes volunteerism and service to other human beings who are in immediate need due to manmade or natural calamity distress.


We've funded 12,503 charity projects for 25M people around the world