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Support Bengal Cyclone – Amphan

While battling the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Indian coastal states of Odisha and West Bengal got double whammy with the super-cyclone Amphan hitting both the states with deadly fury. The fiercest cyclone ever in the Bay of Bengal caused infrastructure damage of monumental portions with boats, corps and houses destroyed, electric poles/trees uprooted, leaving people without power and fearing the worst. Waterlogging in many areas as well as draining of waste including medical waste in ponds, has made it a potential COVID-19 hotspot adding to the misery.

SEWA on-ground

Sewa in support with other on-ground partners is supplying basic necessities like tarpaulins, packed food, utensils, seasonal clothing, first-aid Kits, toiletries, flashlights, water bottles, mosquito mats/nets, backpacks etc.

Donate Bengal Cyclone


Subrata – 0457 088 151
Saugata – 0424 182 337
Rohan   – 0430 708 586


A/c Name: SEWA International Australia
BSB: 062 196    A/C No: 1133 0902
Description: BEN-[NAME] (For Bengal Cyclone)

Example: BEN-SUNIL


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