About Organization


Sewa Internationl Australia intends to be a premier humanitarian non-profit, volunteer service organization inspired by the Sanathana Dharma ethos of “Sewa hi ParamoDharmaha” – Selfless Service is the highest dharma”.

Our principles are based on the eternal Indian teachings as below:

  • Serving Humanity is Serving God (in Sanskrit Nar sewa Narayan sewa).
  • All beings are one family (Vasudaiva kutumbakam).
  • May all be happy; May all be free from sickness; (Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah; Sarve Santu Niramaya;)

May all see things good; and, May none have misery (Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu; Ma:Kaschit Dukha: Bhag Bhavet;)
Om peace, peace, peace! (Om, Shanthih! Shanthih! Shanthihi!)

Mission Statement

Through our chapters we aspire to perform Sewa with Tan-Man-Dhana (Body, Mind and Material resources).

Serve Humanity in Distress

  • Disaster Relief
    • We provide disaster relief and rehabilitation by partnering with our sister organizations and providing services in the aftermath of natural disasters.
  • ​Supporting Development Projects Internationally
    • Sewa International, with its presence in 17 countries, is able to support and execute development projects effectively across countries.
  • Help local communities and causes
    • Sewa International Australia with the help of its local hand Sewa Australia supports a number of volunteering activities supporting local communities across Australia.  Our programs such as Senior Milan help the local senior citizens come together and participate in different activities.  We volunteer for number of different local causes through Sewa Day programs such as planting trees, preserving the environment, Blood donation campaigns.
  • Promote Volunteering
    • ​ Sewa International is run by dedicated volunteers, from all sections of the community, working together to serve the humanity.