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About Organization


Sewa Internationl Australia intends to be a premier humanitarian non-profit, volunteer service organization inspired by the Sanathana Dharma ethos of “Sewa hi ParamoDharmaha” – Selfless Service is the highest dharma”.

Our principles are based on the eternal Indian teachings as below:

  • Serving Humanity is Serving God (in Sanskrit Nar sewa Narayan sewa).
  • All beings are one family (Vasudaiva kutumbakam).
  • May all be happy; May all be free from sickness; (Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah; Sarve Santu Niramaya;)

May all see things good; and, May none have misery (Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu; Ma:Kaschit Dukha: Bhag Bhavet;)
Om peace, peace, peace! (Om, Shanthih! Shanthih! Shanthihi!)

Mission Statement

Through our chapters we aspire to perform Sewa with Tan-Man-Dhana (Body, Mind and Material resources).

Serve Humanity in Distress

  • Disaster Relief
    • We provide disaster relief and rehabilitation by partnering with our sister organizations and providing services in the aftermath of natural disasters.
  • ​Supporting Development Projects Internationally
    • Sewa International, with its presence in 17 countries, is able to support and execute development projects effectively across countries outside Australia
  • Promote Volunteering
    • ​ Sewa International is run by dedicated volunteers, from all sections of the community, working together to serve the humanity.